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Seeing as how I'm not upset with very many people at all, if you think this is about you (after reading the entry) it most likely is. I put it on here knowing that you might read it, or you might not. Either way, I'd rather deal with you in person so I won't get into much detail about it here.
You KNOW that I have enough to deal with as it is without having to deal with you too. Completely contrary to what I believed, I am not your friend but only a friend of a friend. Insult to injury. Which is fine because, hey, what the hell did I expect? I thought actions spoke louder than words, I thought you would get it without me needing to say it. There's nothing else I could have done short of telling you, or even asking you, straight out. But let's face it: how much more retarded would I have seemed then? Furthermore, who are you to say anything at all when you don't know the half of it? But I knew where you stood and I should have known better than to expect you to say nothing at all; to think that even if you did have something to say that you'd tell me straight up, because that just how you are (or so I thought) instead of having to find out otherwise. Silly me.

On another note, today's horoscope:

January 24th, 2005
The general atmosphere may seem a bit too slow for you today, dear Sagittarius. Try not to get bogged down in the details. Also, try not to worry too much. If you can't pretend everything is okay, distract yourself from what's wrong. Time will help you turn things around in your favor. It will be up to you to pull things together and make everything perfect. You don't need any more information. You just need to make a decision.
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