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The following are not so much complaints as it is me simply being realistic, and at the end of my rope, on my very last nerve. Not that I really owe anyone an explanation. My thoughts, my blogs. If you don't want to read it, you don't have to...right? It's obvious to ME that this doesn't really need to be said. However, after a few comments I received after my New Year's Eve blog, I was reminded that there are different understandings about what I've said; that people will take it upon themselves to fix something(s) that I neither asked to be fixed or that doesn't need fixing. Furthermore, how exactly does one fix something they know absolutely NOTHING about? How do you intend to save me if you don't even know what it is I need to be saved from? I understand that you're all just trying to help but you have to understand that you're seeing me in situations that has only been presented from one point of view, and probably a very emotional point of view at that. There is perception and then there is reality. Normally, I would filter this entry however I'm aware that I shouldn't HAVE to hide anything. This is MY journal and while I am aware that it is very public, it IS the forum in which I choose to vent. That being said, I obviously don't share Everything on here, and I do that for a reason. Don't try to fill in the blanks on your own. If I wanted you to know, I would have told you. Otherwise, you're simply making assumptions and you're, more likely than not, making really stupid ones. Just don't.

I. don't. know. I don't have the answers, and whatever little I do know, I don't know with complete certainty. Nor am I in any position whatsoever to say anything. So STOP asking me. While things weren't perfect, or even great, they were never this complicated. I was better off just not knowing at all.

Three times in three years. Three times too many that I've been on this one-way road. While the first one was somewhat complicated (and just plain ugly), I have to say that the last two have been a little easier. It's frustrating to be on the 'convenient' end and exhausting to make an effort for two. I'll still be here, if you all want. But I can't try anymore, I have too much else to worry about to keep wondering where we stand.

Must warm up for shopping with the Impulse Queen. Later Days.

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Damn straight, stalker-gal!


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